The Martini team

Martini. Mr. Martini Senior

“That’ll be just fine.”

Authentic and real. He is wonderfully likable, witty, a passionate host. Practically nothing unsettles him. When it comes to planning your day’s itinerary, he always has a few useful tips up his sleeve – along with a lot of other things to tell.


“Nature lover and calming influence.”

She has been taking care of guests at Martini’s for a long time in her sincere, natural way. She is everywhere where she is needed. She loves to preparebreakfast, works at the reception and will pamper you with her homemade delicacies.


“Can I top that up for you?””

With Martina, the youngest in our team, things never get boring. Always in good spirits, kind and motivated – what else can you say. You will find her behind the bar and at the reception as well as busy preparing popular regional specialties and our delicious Martini’s Breakfast .


“Atypically typical.”

He shoulders most of the manual work and business matters. Though with his strikingly likable, casual ways, this out-of-the-ordinary host feels most at home with our guests – which is why you will find him wherever he’s needed.

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