Martini’s cancellation guidelines

Cancellation by a contractual party – cancellation fees

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Up to 3 months before the agreed date of arrival of the guest at the latest, the accommodation contract may be cancelled by unilateral declaration of the contracting party without payment of a cancellation fee. Outside the period stipulated in § 5.5, cancellation by unilateral declaration by the Party is only possible with payment of the following cancellation fees:

  • until 1 month before arrival: 40 % of the total arrangement price
  • up to 1 week before arrival: 70 % of the total arrangement price
  • in the last week before arrival: 90 % of the total arrangement price

Overview cancellation periods

until 3 months 3 months to 1 month 1 month to 1 week last week
no cancellation fees 40 % 70 % 90 %